Wagle Ki Duniya is a top family and comedy Indian-Hindi TV serial on Sony SAB and Sony LIV premiered in Feb 2021. Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is a Hindi word with the meaning of The World of Wagle – New Generation New Stories. This drama serial is inspired by the cartoon character of R.K. Laxaman a common man, who faces the life challenges of a middle-class Indian person. This is an Indian sitcom digitally streamed on Sony LIV under the production of Jamnadas Majethia and Aatish Kapadia. This drama story revolves around the life challenges of a common Indian man who belongs to the middle class. This drama series is directed by Aastish Kapadia and Sameer Kulkarni. Summet Raghavan, Anjan Srivastav, Pariva Pranati, Sheehan Kapahi, Bharati Achrekar, and Chinmayee are the star cats of this desi TV drama.

Wagle Ki Duniya Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Summet Raghavan as Rajesh Wagle, younger son of Radhika and Srinivas Wagle, brother of Manoh, husband of Vandana, and father of Sakhi and Atharva.
  • Pariva Pranati as Vandana Wagle, Wife of Rajesh Wagle, and mother of Sakhi and Atharva.
  • Anjan Srivastav as Srinivas Wagle, brother of Prabhakar Wagle, husband of Radhika, and father of Rajesh and Manoj.
  • Bharati Achrekar as Radhika Wagle, sister of Anna and Ruby, wife of Srinivas Wagle, and mother of Rajesh and Manoj.
    • Ruby Gokhale as the twin sister of Radhika.
  • Chinmayee Salvi as Sakhi Wagle, daughter of Rajesh and Vandana, and sister of Atharva.
  • Sheehan Kapahi as Atharva Wagle, son of Rajesh and Vandana, and brother of Sakhi.
  • Deepak Pareek as Advocate Daksheshu Joshipur.
  • Manasi Joshi as Dr. Yamini Joshipur, wife of Daksheshu, and adoptive mother of Kittu.
  • Amit Soni as Harshard Agarwal, Wagle’s neighbor, a close friend of Rajesh, husband of Jyoti, and father of Gungun and Vidyut.
  • Bhakti Chauhan as Jyoti Agarwal, wife of Harshad Agarwal, friend of Yamini and Vandana, and mother of Gungun and Vidyut.

Wagle Ki Duniya Storylines and Plot – Written Update

This drama story revolves around the daily life of a middle-class man Rajesh Wagle, who is an operating officer in a courier service. He loves his family and always tries to hold them together. He often has weird and embarrassing dreams. Maya and Harry are his colleagues who always try to compete with Rajesh. Rajesh is a soft-hearted and kind person, who always tries to avoid fights and conflicts. He manages to solve the problems practically. While Rajesh’s wife Vandana is an orphan who was raised by her uncle. She was a housewife initially, but now she supports her family through her self-employed catering business. Vandana is a well-educated woman who did her master’s as a chef but left the job after marriage. She is a very kind lady and loves her family.

Wagle Ki Duniya serial is all about the struggling life of a courier service manager, Rajesh. He lives with her parents, wife, and two kids. Rajesh is a middle-class man who faces the daily life challenges of a better life and maintaining the finances of his family. His wife Vandana is very supportive and manages a small catering service to support her family financially. This show tells the everyday struggle of the Wagle family who have been suffering middle-class challenges for three generations. He has a large family and tries to hold them together. Everyone struggles on their own part, but they act as a whole. This desi TV drama conveys a bitter social message in the wrapping of humor, emotions, and comedy.

Wagle Ki Duniya Upcoming Twists and News

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