Aankh Micholi

Aankh Micholi is one of the latest Indian-Hindi TV shows on Star Plus and Disney+ Hotstar based on inspirational storylines. This desi TV drama started in January 2024 with Khushi Dubey and Navneet Malik as the leading cast. Aankh Micholi serial is produced under Shashi Summet Productions. It is one of the trending and top popular drama series based on the fictional but inspirational story of a young girl Rukmani. Aankh Micholi comes with exciting storylines, an engaging plot, and unexplored territory about the challenging life of Rukmani Malhar.

Rukmani is a young and passionate girl who wants to be a great cop by cracking the IPS examination. She tries to fulfill her dreams but has to face the challenge of marriage. She is asked to marry a good person to get a settled life, and no need to go through a competitive career. The drama starts when Rukmani is filling a water bottle. Her father is beside her discussing her dream of being an IPS officer.

Rukmani’s mother is not willing to get her dreams. She asks to marry a well-settled person and leave her passion for being a police officer. Destiny brings Sumedh and Rukmani together. Their families fix their marriage. This drama is about the traditional Saas Bahu twists and challenges for Rukmani to fulfill her dreams despite her family and personal life.

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Channel Name: Star Plus & Hotstar

Release Date: 22 Jan 2024

Show Timing: Mon-Fri

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