Doree is a fictional Hindi TV serial on Colors TV based on a social issue of girl child abandonment from November 2023. This Hindi TV show highlights the importance of a social problem in a fictional and dramatic way with the story of six years Doree. With a star cast of Mahi Bhanushali, Amar Upadhyay, Toral Rasputra, and Sidha Chauhan, it is a production of Jay Mehta. You can enjoy all the episodes of your favorite drama on Jio Cinema as well. Rishton Ki Yeh Doree Hai, Doree is a Hindi word with the meaning of Chord.

A young man Ganga, lives in a village and no one knows about his parents. For this, no one is willing to marry him with their daughters. He works, earns money, and lives alone in a house. On the other side, Mansi Thakur gives birth to a baby girl of Anand Thakur, who is not willing to keep his daughter. Kailashi Thakur demands only a son in the family. He snatches the newborn from his wife and asks a servant to drop her in a river. Mansi tries hard to save her daughter but fails to do so.

The servant keeps the baby in a basket and leaves her in the river. After some time, Ganga sees the basket and leaves the baby out of the basket. Holds her fingers and promises her to find her family. For this, he put the baby on the floor of the temple, but no one came to bring her. For this, Ganga carries the baby to his house, starts to take care of her, and treats her like his daughter.

Stay with us to know about the life of Ganga and Doree after this and how Ganga finds the real family of Doree.

Channel Name: Colors TV & Jio Cinema

Release Date: 06 Nov 2023

Show Timing: Mon-Sat

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