Katha Ankahee

Katha Ankahee is a top and latest Indian drama serial with a leading cast of Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan on Sony TV. This psychology, love, and romance-based drama is produced by Sphere Origin and Sunjoy Waddhwa. Aditi Sharma as Katha Singh is a single parent and has to face various social and financial challenges after the death of her husband. Her only son Aarav is suffering from cancer, and she has to meet the treatment expenditures on his own. So she started a job at Adnan Khan as Vihaan Raghuvanshi’s company. This company has equal shares of Vihaan and his friend Ehsan. But she never tells anyone about her marital life and son Aarav, as the company only recruits unmarried young ladies.

On the other hand, Vihaan belongs to a broken family, whose father left her mother for another woman. So he perceives every working woman as a leech. Once, when Katha needed some money on an urgent basis her son’s condition was better day by day. She decides to borrow this amount from her boss, Vihaan. But Vihaan considers her as a gold digger and makes a condition of spending one night with him if she really wants money. Katha accepts his condition, and after it, Vihaan starts to treat her like a mistrustful and emotionless person who just wants money. One day, Vihaan’s mother tells him about Katha’s former life and the cancer of her son, when she met with Katha by chance in a parlor. Will Vihaan clear all his mind about Katha and fall in love with her? Stay with us to get the latest updates on your favorite Indian-Hindi Drama Katha Ankahee.

Channel Name: Sony TV

Release Date: 05 Dec 2022

Show Timing: Monday to Friday

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