Katha Ankahee is one of the top favorite India-Hindi TV dramas that premiered on Sony TV and SonyLIV in December 2022. This drama is inspired by the Turkish drama series One Thousand and One Nights, with the adaptations of Arabian Nights. Under the production of Sunjoy Waddhwa and Sphere Origin, Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma play the role of leading characters. Viewers can digitally stream this workplace psychological drama on SonyLIV.

Katha Ankahee Serial Cast with Real Name

This incredible Hindi drama revolves around two main characters Katha and Viaan. Aditi Sharma is playing the role of georgeous Katha Singh, while Adnan Khan is leading the drama in the role of Viaan Raghuvanshi, also common as Robin.

Katha Ankahee Storyline and Plot – Written Update

Viaan is the CEO of EarthCon Pvt. Lmt. Company and Katha are doing a job in this company. Katha is a widow, a working lady, and a single mother who is facing real-life challenges. She had to suffer a lot when her son Aarav was diagnosed with acute blood cancer. She decides to be a working woman to meet the treatment expenses and other financial support, as her in-laws are not cooperative. On the other hand, Viaan is a successful businessman in the field of architecture, but scary of his past. His father got separated from his mother after a second woman, which made Viaan face various traumas and childhood sufferings. He starts to think that all women are gold diggers who mislead men for money only.

Katha finds a job in the company of Viaan and Ehsan, his friend, where she impresses everyone with her talent and hard work. Ehsan starts to feel his bow toward Katha and tries to impress her, but she breaks the friendship. Katha has to go to Viaan to seek some financial assistance for her son’s treatment, but she never reveals the real reason for the loan as she already mentioned herself as a single and unmarried woman. Despite this money assistance, Viaan considers her a gold digger. Katha was only the woman who rebuilt the women’s integrity in Viaan. To test her, Viaan makes an unexpected condition in return for financial assistance. He asks her to spend a night with him if she really needs money. Katha accepts his offer as she has no other way to collect money for her son’s treatment.

After that, Aarav’s condition starts to be better which makes Katha happy. She begins to lower her bitterness toward Viaan, but he starts to treat her on the other side as a gold digger. His rude attitude forces her to resign ultimately. Meanwhile, Katha’s father-in-law feels regret about his past mistakes and wants to reconcile by making a bond with Katha. During this, one day mothers of Viaan and Ehsan meet with Katha, where they come to know about her son’s cancer and treatment. When Viaan knows the story of her mother, he starts to feel ashamed and guilty about his views.

This is really an amazing drama with a decent story. 218 episodes of drama have been aired till now. And still, the drama is ongoing. There are many more exciting twists for an audience that make the lives of Viaan and Katha with deep resentment.

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Where to Watch Katha Ankahee?

Katha Ankahee is an Indian-Hindi drama on Sony Entertainment television. You can watch and download all episodes of this drama on SonyLIV too.

How Many Episodes of Katha Ankahee Are There?

There are 218 episodes of this drama on TV till now from 5 Dec 2022.


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