Udaariyaan is a romantic Colors TV Indian drama with a leading cast of Ankit Gupta, and Priyanka Chara. And Isha Malviya. Udaariyaan is produced by Sarun Mehta and Ravi Dubey and is one of the top favorite family and chaotic Indian-Hindi drama series. This is comprised of 3 seasons with 870 plus episodes since its release. The first season is a love triangle of Tejo, Fateh, and Jasmine. Fateh loves Jazz, and she accepts his proposal when he gets a job in Canada. But later on, when Fateh loses his Job, Jazz breaks up with him and leaves him. On the other hand, Fateh and Tejo have to marry together for the sake of their families’ reputation. But Fateh is still in love with Jazz. Also, Jazz feels regret and tries to confess her love for Fateh. Fateh bends towards Jazz and they both start an extramarital affair. Tejo files a divorce case when she comes to know about this.

Fateh and Jazz are about to move to Canada when Fateh burns his passport and ticket and tells her about his fake marriage plan. Meanwhile, Tejo engages with Angad, he loves her but Tejo never expresses her feelings for him. Fateh is separated from Jazz and he meets with Tejo again and they both want to rejoin again. But Angad meets hands with Jazz to separate them. But later on, he leaves this plan when Jazz marries Amrik. How do Fateh and Tejo start a happy family life together by facing all these challenges? Stay with us to get recent updates on your favorite drama.

Channel Name: Colors TV

Release Date: 15 Mar 2021

Show Timing: Monday to Friday

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