Anupama is a famous Indian TV drama with a visual representation of all the challenges that a traditional housewife has to face. This is the family story of the female character Anupama, who first gets society’s rejection because of her financial status. Later on, she has to face personal problems when she comes to know about her husband Vanjraj’s affair. This is one of the top Indian-Hindi drama series that has crossed the milestone of 1,000 episodes under the production of Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi. The story of this drama serial revolves around family and marital chaos. She decides to separate from her husband and start a small business café and dance academy to meet daily life expenses.

Meanwhile, she is also suffering and coping with her cancer. She marries Anuj, and he loses his business and faces a financial crisis. On the other side, Samar proposes to Nandini and they are about to marry, but Kinjal’s pregnancy causes them to break up. The second marriage also does not bring any peace to her, as she is continuously facing a class difference between the Shah and Kapadia families. She decides to fight against Dimple’s rapists which becomes the leading cause of her marital life challenges. Moreover, Paritosh’s paralysis later on becomes the main reason for her divorce from Anuj.  What would happen next?

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Channel Name: Star Plus

Release Date: 13 Jul 2020

Show Timing: Monday to Friday

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