Teri Meri Dooriyan

Teri Meri Dooriyan is a top Indian TV series based on love, thrill, drama, and suspense on Star Plus from Jan 2023. This is one of the latest Indian-Hindi drama series full of family drama and thrilling twists under the production of Cockrow Entertainment. Teri Meri Dooriyan is an official adaptation of Gaatchora, a Bengali series that can be accessed digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. This Indian desi serial is about the love stories of three cousin brothers of the Brar family with three daughters of the Monga family. The Drama story is full of engaging screenplay and storyline.

Seerat Kaur, the eldest daughter of the Monga family is a pampered child and her mother wants a rich ma for her. Sahiba, our gorgeous leading character is the second daughter of the Monga family, who earns money by selling her art. Angad Singh Brar falls in love with Seerat Kaur. But Garry, a cousin brother of Angad manipulates Seerat for his fake love, and Seerat runs with him on the day of the wedding with Angad. Ultimately, Sahiba has to get married to Angad. Sahiba slowly accepts Brar’s family, but Angad’s parents still disapprove of her. Angad fixes Seerat’s marriage to Garry as he believes they love each other. Meanwhile, Angad and Sahiba start to share a mutual understanding for each other.

Brar’s family expels Garry out of the house when Sahiba exposes him as a playboy, But Angad brings him back. Now Garry pretends to be a good person, but Sahiba again reveals his secrets with the support of Veer Singh. Same time, Angad feels guilty for Seerat and shows her emotional support, but Seerat tries to get closer to Angad. Angad falls in love with Sahiba, and he is about to confess when they hear the news of Garry’s death. Now he promises himself to take care of Seerat for her hard time. He confesses his feelings, but Seerat starts to create misunderstandings between them. This leads Sahiba to leave Brar’s house and live in a hostel.

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Channel Name: Star Plus

Release on: Jan 2023

Premiered on: Mon-Sat

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