Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye is the latest Hindi-language thrill and romance drama series on Zee TV from Nov 2023. This is the official production of Mukta Dhond and B.P Singh with the written update of Nikita Dhond. This drama is about a dramatic love story of two opposite personalities, Amruta and Virat Singh Ahuja. Viewers can also enjoy the latest episodes of Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye on ZEE5 with digital streaming. Sriti Jha and Arijit Taneja are the star cast of this action drama and running successfully across the region.

Amruta Chitnis is a banker, who lives with her parents Jayesh and Bhavani Chitnis, with a younger brother Harsh. She is not ready to get married, as she wants to first make a mutual understanding with her partner before marriage. While, Virat Singh has been cheated many times, and now he does not believe in love. For Virat, every girl is a gold-digger. But destiny brings them together and engages them in a cute but twisted relationship. She works under Virat Ahuja, and one day she was asked by his mother to send a huge money as a wedding gift to a groom of the Ahuja family. She casually discusses this with her brother, and this leaves a bad impression of her poor mentality toward Ahujas.

Meanwhile, Amruta’s father is in a relationship with Ishika and wants to get separated from his wife. Ishika is the friend of Virat’s mother. Amruta and Harsh leave their father’s house with their mother. Virat fires Amruta, and she is stressed about her job to support her family. But she cleverly gets back her job by exposing the dowry scam of the Ahuja family. At this time, she has to serve Virat as his PA. Virat always tried to find something messy for Amruta to get a chance to kick her out, but he couldn’t find any.

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Channel Name: Zee TV & ZEE5

Release Date: 27th Nov 2023

Show Timing: Mon-Sat

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