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Aankh Micholi (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Timing, Story, and Twists

Aankh Micholi is one of the latest Indian-Hindi television series on Star Plus from 22 January 2024. This drama revolves around the overlapping stories of the characters based on family, romance, drama, and spy. Aankh Micholi serial is about the inspirational story of a young girl Rukmani who wants to be a police officer. This desi TV drama is an adaptation of the Gujarati series ”Diya Aur Baati Hum”. Viewers can digitally enjoy this desi serial on Disney+ Hotstar. Navneet Malik and Khushi Dubey are acting as star casts of this latest Hindi TV show. This is a story of traditional and typical Saas Bahu drama with the fulfillment of passion.

Aankh Micholi Serial cast with a Real Name

  • Khushi Dubey as Rukmani Malhar.
  • Navneet Malik as Sumedh Malhar.

Aankh Micholi Storyline and Plot – Written Update

This drama Aankh Micholi is about the inspirational story of a village girl Rukmani, who wants to be an IPS officer. She lives in a village with her parents. Runkmani wants to get a fair skin color but her father motivates her to be a police officer. Her mother is not willing to go for a competitive career, as she tries to fix her marriage. She asks Rukmani to get settled after marrying a good man. Sumedh is a childhood friend of Rukmani. Sumedh is an orphan man who is adopted by Kesar, a kind woman who treats him as her own son. Kesar lives with her husband Vijay, but the story gets turned when Vijay is killed by a man named Dollar Seth.

After the death of Vijay, Kesar comes to know that Vijay has an extramarital affair with a woman named Palak, and Sumedh is Vijay’s illegitimate son. This truth changes the life of Sumedh and also affects Kesar’s life. Rukmani supports Kesar and tries to seek justice. She identifies Dollar Seth by his accomplice’s hand tattoo. During this time, the Police work does not make her satisfied, so she decides to investigate the matter by herself. After this, Kesar cuts off ties with Sumedh and starts to make a distance from Sumedh. Kesar’s behavior makes Sumedh sad.

Time passes, Rukmani helps Kesar and also tries to console Sumedh. They get closer and ultimately fall for each other. Seeing this, Rukmani’s family fixes her marriage with Sumedh. The narration revolves around the traditional and challenging Saas Bahu controversies. Rukmani has to manage her personal and family life along with her career passion.

Aankh Micholi Upcoming Twists and Turns

How Rukmani will play her role to reunite Kesar with Sumedh and fulfill her dream of being an IPS officer?

Stay with to get written updates and the latest video episodes of your favorite desi TV drama in HD.

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