Vanshaj is a top family, political, and business Hindi TV serial on Sony SAB and digitally on Sony LIV from June 2023. This drama is about Vanshaj, which has the meaning of Descendant in the Hindi language. It is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Production. Script, story, and dialogues are by Sameer Mishra, Shobhit Jaiswal, and Rishabh Sharma. While, Mahir Pandhi, Mohit Kumar, Anjali Tatrari, and Puneet Issar are the star cast of the top Indian drama Vanshaj.

Vanshaj Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Mahir Pandhi as Digvijay Mahajan, or DJ. Son of Gargi and Dhanraj Mahajan, and Mahajan empire’s crown prince. Husband of Roohi.
  • Mohit Kumar as Neel Bharadwaj, son of Vidur, and boyfriend of Yuvika Mahajan.
  • Ajnali Tatrari as Yuvika or Yuvi Mahajan, elder daughter of Bhoomi and Premraj Mahajan, Mahajan empire’s chairperson, and girlfriend of Neel Bharadwaj.
  • Puneet Issar as Bhanupratap Mahajan or Dada Babu, elder son of Shanti Prasad, Mahajan empire’s ex-chairman.
  • Sarwar Ahuja as Kabeer Oberoi, Neel’s senior, and Mahajan’s shareholder.
  • Leena Balodi as Devyani Verma, mother of Premraj Mahajan.
  • Kavita Kapoor as Shobhana Mahajan, widow of Shanti Prasad, DHanraj’s mother, Yuvika’s step-grandmother.
  • Gireesh Sahdev as Dhanraj Mahan, Mahajan Empire’s CEO, husband of Gargi, and father of Digvijay and Miraya Mahajan.

Vanshaj Story and Plot – Written Update

Digvijay or DJ is an aimless and egoistic young man and heir of the Mahajan business empire. He upsets Bhanupratap by firing the 1200 employees after the influence of a media company. Bhanupratab sends his trusted employee Vidu Bharadwaj to Rishikesh for the sake of an advance from their family priest. But he was unaware that Bhanupratap’s half-brother and ex-CEO of the Mahajan empire, Premraj Mahajan lives in Rishikesh with his wife Bhoomi, Her children Yuvika, Arjun, and Isha with a fake identity.

Meanwhile, Yuvika Mahajan is a lucky girl but a careless person. Soon after this, Yuvika finds her real birth certificate and asks her father about their real identity. This causes Premraj to suffer a heart attack and brain injury. Bhumi asks Vidur for help, and ultimately, the Mahajan family takes Premraj with his family back to the empire. After the success of Premraj’s surgery, a reporter Yogi Singh leaked this news causing insecurity to Gargi and Dhanraj. Soon, Premraj dies, and Yuvika tries to perform her father’s rituals but Mahajan denies this as to media influence.

Later on, they come to Rishikesh but Gargi and Dhanraj are still insecure about the media. There, Yuvika finds that her father was accused of sexual harassment charges with an employee during his CEO term. This fact leads the people to disown Yuvika, Isha, and Arjun. But Yuvi promises herself to prove her father’s innocence. She breaks up with Kartik and returns to Dehli to find the truth. She moves with her whole family to Dehli and makes Gargi and Dhanraj insecure again by telling them her mission.

Vanshaj Upcoming Twists

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Yuvika starts to investigate and meets a journalist Lajpal Singh Chowdhary. He warns her not to trust anyone in the Mahajan family, as one of them is behind this scandal. Later, she also meets Vidur’s son Neel Bharadwaj, who decides to help her. She tries to find Avni, who was behind this scandal. And Dadababu and Vidur feel that Yuvika would be the best heir of the Mahajan empire.

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