Titli is a romantic Indian drama, that premiered on Star Plus with a digital platform of Disney+ Hotstar in June 2023. This is one of the trending and exciting Hindi drama serials based on various social problems like anger management, abuse, violence, and others. With Neha Solanki and Avinash Mishra as the leading cast, this is a production of Story Square Productions. In May 2023, this series was officially announced and highlights domestic violence.

Titli Serial Cast with Real Name and Roles

  • Neha Solanki as Titli
  • Avinash Mishra as Garv

Titli Storyline and Plot – Written Update

The female leading character Titli is a vibrant young girl who had lost her parents in an accident and lives with her uncle and aunt. At her friend’s wedding, she meets with Rahul, her school friend. Later on, Rahul proposes to her and she accepts the proposal, but on the wedding day, she comes to know something disturbing. Rahul is already married and he is now marrying her only for the child. She runs off the wedding slips from a cliff and meets with Garv. 

Garv hires her as a manager for his sister’s marriage. During whole this time, Garv realizes his feelings for Titli and proposes to her at the end of the wedding events. But she refuses because of her past experience. But Garv starts his efforts to impress her. Their families accept them when Titli’s suitor insults her and Garv in front of their parents and Garv has to confess his feelings. After facing challenges, finally they marry each other. Her cousin’s sister Hiral gives her a bracelet as a wedding gift with the name of Rahul. Garv sees this on the wedding night but Titli is still unaware of all this.

The fight between Garv and his uncle also creates misunderstanding and he punishes Titli for this. Later he invites her family to dinner, but Titli is saved by Bother-in-law of Monika, and this causes severe anger in Garv. Garv has serious anger issues and he is receiving therapy from psychologist Megha. But she obsesses with Garv and Titli knows about this. Garv’s father creates havoc in the family with his anger management and therapeutic sessions. His mother slaps him when Dhara tells him that Garv abuses her wife in anger. But this makes Garv angrier and he starts to insult his wife.

Titli Upcoming Twists and Serial Gossips

Badi Maa asks Titli to leave his house for the sake of self-respect and leave this toxic person. But later on, she has to come back for Badi Maa’s respect and says she will forgive her husband. Garv wants to change him and does not lose her temperament besides Megha. Once, a mental patient enters Mehta’s house after being run off the hospital. Garv’s father asks Titli not to tell this to Garv but she refuses to do that.

Will Garv be Able to Manage his Anger?

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What Will Happen Next in Titli?

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Where to Watch Titil?

This is a Star Plus channel production that digitally premiered on Disney+ Hotstar from Monday to Friday. 

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