Suhaagan is a romantic Indian-Hindi TV drama series on Colors TV and JioCinema under Rashmi Sharma Telefilms from May 2023. Suhaagan serial is produced by Rashmi Sharma with the star cast of of Raghav Thakur, Garima Kishnani, and Sakshi Sharma. This Hindi drama story is written by Vivek Behl with the screenplay of Sahir and Jyoti Jha. This Desi TV serial has crossed 270 plus episodes recently and is based on one season.

Suhaagan Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Raghav Thakur as Krishna Shukla, son of Indu and Baldev Shukla, younger brother of Nidhi and Vikram, and husband of Payal and Bindiya.
    • Vansh Sayani as child Krishna Shukla.
  • Garima Krishnani as Bindiya Shukla or Bindi, daughter of Lajwanti and Manohar Mishra, elder sister of Payal, and legal Wife of Krishna.
    • Aakriti Sharma as child Bindiya.
  • Sakshi Sharma as Payal Mishra or Pallu, younger daughter of Lajwanti and Manohar Mishra, sister of Bindiya, girlfriend of Krishna.
  • Shakti Singh as Baldev Shukla, son of Durga, husband of Indu, and father of Vikram, Nidhi, and Krishna.
  • Neelima Singh as Indu Shukla, wife of Baldev Shukla, and mother of Vikram, Nidhi and Krishna.
  • Rohit Kumar as Niku.
  • Aditya Deshmukh as Vikram Shukla, Baldev and Indu’s elder son, brother of Krishna and Nidhi, and husband of Sakshi.
  • Priyanka Nayan as Sakshi Shukla, wife of Vikram Shukla.
  • Shalu Shreya as Nidhi Shukla, wife of Pankaj Pandey and sister of Krishna and Vikram.
  • Sudhanshu Mishra as Pankaj Pandey, husband of Nidhi Shukla.

Suhaagan Storyline and Plot – Written Update

Bindiya is a simple and honest girl, living with her younger sister Payal on a farm. Payal is a greedy girl who wants to be rich at any cost. Bindiya and Payal face too many family problems after the death of their parents. Both sisters are different in their ideologies, and with age, their differences also grew. Bindi likes to live in the village while Payal is a college student. There, she meets with Krishna Shukla and traps him for his money. But Krishna’s father Baldev wants a traditional girl for his son. By chance, Bindi saves Baldev from an unpleasant incident and Baldev decides to fix Krishna’s marriage with Bindiya.

Shukla’s family is not willing to accept Bindi as she is from the village, and Krishna also leaves the house in protest when Baldev rejects Payal. Payal breaks up with Krishna when he leaves his house, as she is just behind Krishna’s wealth. Ultimately Krishna has to marry Bindiya. During this time, Payal manages to transfer some wealth of Baldev to Krishna, and she comes back to Krishna’s life after this. Krish is still in love with Payal, and no one in the Shukla family is aware of Krish and Payal’s past relationship. She takes this opportunity and starts to live in Krishna’s house with her sister.

She tries and plans to break Bindiya and Krishna’s marriage, and becomes an illegal wife of Krishna. Shukla’s family bends toward Payal as she is a literate and bold girl. Bindiya decides to fight for her rights. But Payal is cunning and she creates misunderstandings between Krish and Bindi. Krish decides to divorce Bindi, but the court asks them to stay together for six months before separation. Now, Bindi starts to struggle to expose Payal and get the Suhaagan title back.

Suhaagan Upcoming Twists

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Desi Serial

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