Radha Mohan is a fictional, horror, and mysterious Indian-Hindi drama series on Zee TV with the romantic turn of Radha and Mohan. This drama was released in May 2022 and is based on supernatural, fictional, and thrilling storylines. It is an official production of Studio LSD Private Limited by Prateek Sharma. Viewers can digitally stream Pyar ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan on ZEE5. Formally, it is an adaptation of  Yaaradi Nee Mohini by Zee Tamil series. Neeharika Roy and Shabir Ahluwalia are the leading cast of this drama.

Pyar ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Neeharika Roy as Radha Trivedi, daughter of Rameshwar and Gargi Sharma, and second wife of Mohan.
  • Shabir Ahluwalia as Mohan Trivedi, son of Vishwanath Trivedi. Gungun’s father.
  • Kreeti Nagpur as Tulsi Trivedi, Gungun’s mother, and first wife of Mohan.
  • Reeza Choudhary as Gungun Trivedi, daughter of Mohan and Tulsi.
  • Sambhabana Mohanty as Damini Bharadwaj, ex-fiance of Mohan.
  • Swati Shah as Kadambari Trivedi, Mohan’s stepmother.
  • Manisha Purohit as Kaveri Bharadwaj, Mother of Damini.
  • Rajendra Lodhia as Vishwanath Trivedi, father of Mohan, Rahul, and Ketki.
  • Pooja Kawa as Ketki Trivedi, Mohan’s elder sister.
  • Sumeet Arora as Ajeet Trivedi, Mohan’s stepbrother.

Radha Mohan Story and Plot – Written Update

Mohan Trivedi’s wife Tulsi died and his daughter Gungun blames him for the death of her mother. While Tulsi’s soul is not salvated and wanders to Trivedi’s house to protect Gungun. Radha loves Mohan, but his stepmother Kadambari wants to remarry Mohan with Damini, her niece. Damini is a greedy woman who wants to marry him just for his wealth. Mohan agrees to marry Damini for his mother. Radha starts to live in the Trivedi family as a guest after saving the life of Gungun. They get closer to each other, and also Gungun makes friends with Radha. Damini and Kadambari get to know about the Tulsi’s soul and try to imprison it but fail. Damini accuses Radha of theft to kick her out of the Trivedi family, but her efforts go in vain.

Grandmother of Radha fixes her marriage with Hriday, who plans to sell her after marriage. At the same time, Gungun and Mohan try to save her and expose Hriday. He manages to escape with the help of Damini, who tries to kill Gungun and Radha. On the day of Mohan and Damini’s wedding, Tulsi dresses Radha as a bride and marries her with her husband. After this, Mohan starts feelings for her. Radha gets that Damini is responsible for Tulsi’s death but fails to expose her. While Damini locks Radha in a freezer, Mohan saves her. Now, Damini decides to punish Mohan for his fake promise of marriage.

At this time, Mohan and Gungun have trust in her, and he is about to confess his feelings. But Gungun gets a letter from Damini, by which she starts to believe that Radha is the murderer of her mother. Later on, Mohan clears this misunderstanding and Gungun says sorry to her. At this time, Damini manages to file a murder case against Radha, but she escapes execution with the help of Dua and Shakti. Damini tries to kill Radha, but Mohan saves her, and reunite after this.

Pyar ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Upcoming Twists

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