Pashminna is a romantic Hindi TV show on Sony SAB with digital streaming of Sony LIV that aired from Oct 2023. This Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ke word comes with the meaning of Threads of Love. This is a production of Alchemy Films Private Limited by Sapna Mahotra and Siddharth P. Malhotra. It is a story by Bhavna Vyas and directed by Vikram Labhe and Deepak Chavan. It is written by Nikita Dhond with the screenplay of Janaki Vishwanathan. Isha Sharma, Nishant Singh, Gauri Pradhan Tejwari, and Hiten Tejwani are the star cast of this love drama.

Pashminna Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Isha Sharma as Pashminna or Suri Sharma, daughter of Preeti and Avinash Sharma, and love of Raghav.
  • Nishant Singh Malkani as Raghav Kaul, elder son of Moina and Atul Kaul, brother of Reeva and Ruhaan, fiancée of Ayesha Sharma, and Pashminna’s love.
  • Gauri Pradhan as Preeti Suri, ex-lover of Avinash Sharma, and mother of Preeti.
  • Hiten Tejwani as Avinash Sharma, father of Pashminna and Ayesha Sharma.
  • Krissann Barretto as Ayesha Sharma, Avinash’s daughter, and Pashminna’s sister.
  • Angad Hasija as Paras Durani, and lover of Pashminna.

Pashminna Story and Plot – Written Update

This is a story of Pashminna or Suri and Raghav with opposite personalities. Pashminna lives in Kashmir with her mother. Their sole source of income is a houseboat that they rent to tourists and earn money. Suri is studying in college and is a charming young girl who loves fantasies and dreams. She asks God to send and give her a sign of her true love. Also, she does not trust tourists, so she asks God for a Kashmiri man.

Whereas, Raghav is a businessman under the influence of Avinash Sharma, who takes care of them after Raghav’s father. Ayesha, the daughter of Avinash loves Raghav and both families have agreed to fix their marriage. Raghav accepts this as a business deal, and he already mentioned to his childhood friend Ayesha, that he does not love her. On the day of his engagement, Raghav is talking to his employee about the details of the land that he is about to buy in Kashmir. He is obsessed with Kashmir and calls himself Kashmiri. How will fate bring Pashminna and Raghav’s paths together?

Pashminna Upcoming Twists

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