Parineeti is a top-rated Indian TV drama on Colors TV with digital streaming on JioCinema under the production of Ekta Kapoor. This family, romance drama series comes under the banner of Balaji Telefilms with the star cast of Tanvi Dogra, Anchal Sahu, and Ankur Verma since Feb 2022.

Parineeti Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Anchal Sahu as Parineet Kakkar or Pari
  • Tanvi Dogra as Neeti Juneja Mehra
  • Ankur Verma as Rajeev Bajwa

Parineeti Storyline and Plot – Written Update

Parineet and Neeti are friends who are named together as Parineeti. Rajeev Bajwa is a playboy and selfish person who loves Neeti. For this, he rejects the proposal that his mother brings to him. But a misfortune event leads to the marriage of Rajeev with Pari. Pari’s father becomes a landholder in a village and Rajeev’s mother asks for a piece of land so Rajeev agrees to marriage. But later on, he leaves her in Kakkar’s house and moves to Chandigarh.

After 3 months, Rajeev uses the nickname of Sanju for a fake identity while living in Chandigarh with his aunt and cousin. Neeti becomes an air hostess in Chandigarh and Pari is living in Kakkar’s house. After the death of her father, Pari decides to find Rajeev, and she goes to Chandigarh. She meets with Neeti and stays there. Rajeev proposes to Neeti without telling her about his first marriage and Rajeev also does not ask about his marriage with Neeti. He marries her but Pari suspects Rajeev’s affair. Neeti asks Pari to go behind Rajeev to find the reality.

Rakesh mistakenly kidnaps Neeti instead of Parineet. She escapes and meets with Pari, who takes her to the hospital. In the hospital, she comes to know about the fake identity of Rajeev. This causes Pari to hate him. Pari reveals the truth on her wedding day. But Pari comes to know that Neeti is pregnant, so Parineet requests the Bajwa family to accept Neet, and this causes Rajeev to feel guilty and seek an apology from Parineet. But she does not accept his apology. 

Neeti faces a miscarriage and the doctor asks her if she will never become a mother again. Pari decides to become a surrogate mother for Neeti and Rajeev, so she starts to stay in Bajwa’s house. During this, Rakesh finds Parineet. Neeti feels the bending behavior of Rajeev toward Pari and she thinks she will snatch her husband. Bebe provokes Neeti to ruin Parineet’s life. So she starts her efforts to abort Pari’s child to kick her out of their lives. Neeti meets with Rakesh and knows about his feelings for Pari. To kick her out of Bajwa’s house, Neeti makes plans with Rakesh and creates a fake DNA report that Rakesh is the father of the baby.

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Parineetii Upcoming Twists and Turns – News

After humiliation in front of the whole family, Pari decides to marry Rakesh. Rajeev tries to stop this wedding, and he reveals his plan for Pari’s baby abortion. After this, Rakesh again kidnaps Pari, but Sanju saves her. Rajeev murders Rakesh and goes to jail. This is a plan of Rakesh who is still alive. Pari tries to release Rajeev from jail when she comes to know Rakesh is alive. Will Rajeev be Back to Parineet?


What Will Happen Next in Parineeti?

Definitely, time and upcoming episodes of the drama will tell about the next upcoming turns of this twisted story.

How Did Parineeti and Rajeev Meet?

Rajeev meets with Pari at her wedding with Varun.

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