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Pandya Store (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Real Name, Timing, & Story

Pandya Store is a top Indian-Hindi TV series based on family and drama on Star Plus from 25 Jan 2021 by Sphere Origins. This drama is about the shop of the Pandya family, digitally streamed on Disney+ Hotstar under the production of Commal Waddhwa and Sunjoy Waddhwa. Pandya Store Season 1 is an official adaptation of Pandian Stores, a Tamil series by Star Vijay. Formall, Shiny Doshi, Akshay, Kharodia, Mohit Parmar, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Simran Budharup, Alice Kaushik, and Kruttika Desai were the leading cast. After Jul 2023, Rohit Chandel and Priyanshi Yadav are star cast as the second lead generation of Pandya Store new cast. 

Pandya Store Serial Cast and their Real Name

  • Shiny Doshi as Dhara Patel Pandya.
  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Gautam Pandya known as Gombi. 
  • Kanwar Dhillon as Shiva Pandya. 
  • Rohit Chandel as Dhawal Makwana. 
  • Priyanshi Yadav as Sanchi or Natasha Pandya. 
  • Mohit Pamar as Krish Pandya. 
  • Kruttika Desai as Suman Narayan Pandya. 

Pandya Store Plot and Storylines – Written Update

This is a simple and cute family drama based on an elegant storyline. Pandyas are a middle-class family of Somnath. Darshan and Suman Pandya have four sons, Gautam, Dev, Shiva, and Krish. Pandya store, a grocery shop is the only source of income for this family, but it is in debt. Anita refuses to marry Gautam because of their store. So his marriage is fixed with Dhara. Gautam is the eldest son of the Pandya family, and Dhara treats his younger brothers as her child. Initially, Suman does not accept Dhara, but later on, when she helps her husband to clear all debts of the store and bring back their Pandya store full episode, she accepts her. 

Time flies and Shiva, Dev, and Krish grow up. They all still love Dhara as their mother. Now, Pandyas are finally able to get their shop back with the efforts of Dhara. Dev’s marriage is fixed with Raavi, but he refuses to marry her. For this, Raavi married Shiva who is his childhood friend. While Dev and Rishita also love each other and marry along with Shiva and Raavi. Dhara wants to join the whole family, and now it becomes challenging for her when Rishita has adjustment problems in Pandya’s family.

Stay with to know what turns and twists the Pandya family has to face next in Pandya Store Season 2. 

Prafulla creates problems between Shiva and Raavi, and Janardhan insults Gautam and Pandya’s family for Dev and Rishita’s marriage without his concern. Dev apologized to Raavi at her birthday party. While Krish and Kriti, Rishita’s sister get closer to each other. Gautam and Dev are living a happy married life while Shiva and Raavi also start to accept each other. During a mannat, Raavi slaps Shiva when he questions her character publically. Raavi leaves the house and returns back after hearing the news of Dhara’s pregnancy. Things start to get complex with the kidnap of Dhara and Shiva’s divorce decision. 


1. Is Pandya Store Ended?

Exclusively, this drama series is about to take an end leap with the release of promo. In upcoming episodes, the drama will be based on the second lead generation with new faces and storylines. 

2. Who is the New Girl in Pandya Store?

This is one of the popular Hindi drama series because of its gripping and engaging plot and twists. Priyanshi Yadav is playing the role of a leading actress as the second generation with a pair to Rohit Chandel. 

3. Who Are the Actors in Pandya Store?

Shiny Doshi, Akshay, Kharodia, Mohit Parmar, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Simran Budharup, Alice Kaushik, and Kruttika Desai are the leading cast of this drama series as the first generation.

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