Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye is a top action and thrill Indian-Hindi drama series of Zee TV with the love story of Amruta and Virat. This thrill-based Hindi serial premiered in Nov 2023 under the production of Firework Production by B.P. Singh and Mukta Dhond. Arijit Taneja and Sriti Jha are the leading actors in this drama series. Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye is written by Nikita Dhond with the direction of Sumit Permendra Dubey. Drama has recently crossed 50 plus episodes with digital streaming of ZEE5.

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Arijit Taneja as Virat Singh Ahuja, son of Babita and Dildar Singh, and brother of Nimrit Singh Ahuja.
  • Sriti Jha is Amruta Bhavani Chitnis, daughter of Bhavani and Jayesh Chitnis, and sister of Harsh.
  • Iqbal Azad as Jayesh Chitnis, father of Amruta and Harsh.
  • Hemangi Kavi as Bhavani Chitnis, Jayesh’s wife and mother of Amruta and Harsh.
  • Aashish Kaul as Dildar Singh Ahuja, father of Virat and Nimrit Ahuja, and Babita’s husband.
  • Kishori Shahane as Babita Singh Ahuja, Virat and Nimrit’s mother.
  • Deekshha Sonalkar Tham as Ishika Sinha, Ex-girlfriend of Jayesh Chitnis.
  • Rohit Chaudhary as Harsh Chitnis, brother of Amruta Chitnis.
  • Akanksha Pal as Nimrit or Nimmi Ahuja, Virat’s sister.

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Story and Plot – Written Update

The drama, Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye is all about a love story of two opposite-minded people, Amruta Chitnis and Virat Singh Ahuja. Amruta wants to first make compatibility with her future life partner before marriage. So she is not in favor of a marriage in a hurry.  Meanwhile, Virat Singh Ahuja has suffered cheating in love, and now he believes love and relationships are nothing but fake and fraud, and all girls are gold-diggers. But fate brings them together and starts a cute love story of this couple.

Amruta Chitnis is a banker, who lives with her parents Bhavani and Jayesh Chitnis, and brother Harsh. She has to attend the Roka ceremony in Ahuja’s family, and Virat’s mother Babita Singh asks Amruta to transfer a huge amount of money to the groom’s account as his wedding gift. Before this transaction, Amruta calls her brother and talks to him casually while telling him how rich the Ahuja family is. But this conversation leaves a bad impression of Amruta’s personality on Ahujas.

The Chitnis family is going to celebrate their parents’ 30th anniversary, and meanwhile Ahuja family is moving to their penthouse. They stop near Amruta’s house for refueling. Whereas, Jayesh is in an extramarital affair with his neighbor Ishika, and now he wants to get a separation from his wife, as she is boring to him. He asks his children to come with him, but Amruta and Harsh choose their mother and move to the house of their neighbor, Jahaan. Meanwhile, Virat Singh fires Amruta from the bank job, and now there is no other source of income for Amruta to support her mother and brother. But she gets her job back by blackmailing the Ahuja family as of their dowry scam. But at this time, she has to serve Virat as his private secretary.

At the same time, Jayesh asks for a divorce, but her wife refuses to do so for the future of her children. Virat tries a lot to find something for which he can again fire Amruta, but she is strong and clear. Amruta grudges Rajiiv, Nimrit’s fiancée for the dowry scam, so now he wants to take revenge. He plans to insult her at Ahuja’s bachelor party, where Virat asks her to manage the event. She fights with him, and Rajiiv’s hate increases. Amruta also exposes his affair with other girls.  

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Upcoming Twist

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