Junooniyat is a Hindi musical romance-based Indian TV drama series that premiered by Colors TV and Voot in Feb 2023. This is one of the latest and most popular Indian drama serials produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta with Dreamiyata Entertainment. While Ankit Gupta, Neha Rana, and Gautam Singh Vig are acting as leading casts of the drama.

Junooniyat Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Ankit Gupta as Jahaan Mehta. He is also named as Sultan for his second identity.
  • Neha Rana as Ilahi Dosanjh Mehta.
  • Gautam Singh Vig as Jordan, also known as Jordy Mehta.

Junooniyat Storyline and Plot – Written Update

This is a musical but romantic story that revolves around three young musicians, Illahi, Jordan, and Jahaan. All of them want to participate in Indian Voice Competition. There, fate met them with each other and this is the beginning of a cool drama story. These three have separate life stories and situations. Let’s talk about them individually:

Ilahi was brought up by her father. But she always sings for her mother, as she was abandoned by her in childhood. She is an inspiring singer, but her grandmother is against her singing. Ilahi’s mother was also a singer, but Ilahi’s grandmother made her forced to quit. Ultimately she decided to abandon her young daughter to follow her passion. So her grandmother is an absolute villain to her passion too.

On the other hand, Jahaan’s family is living in Canada, where he follows his singing passion, but due to a business loss, his family has to move back to India. Besides this, he wants to be a great singer to regain the lost honor of his parents. Meanwhile, Jordan is a self-obsessed young person who belongs to a rich family. He wants to be a superstar in the field of rapping, but here his mother is a villain to his passion.

After their meet-up in the Voice competition, Jahaan and Ilahi fell in love with each other. While Jordan also feels love emotions toward Ilahi and he wants to get her because of his obsession. At the wedding of Jahaan and Ilahi, Jordan’s mom accused him as a spoiler in her son’s life. She supports her arguments by revealing the disrespectful past of Jahaan’s family. After this, Ilahi’s father breaks this marriage as he does not want to marry her daughter to the son of such a family. Meanwhile, she plans Jahaan’s parents’ accident, so he can return to Canada.

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On this side, Ilahi thinks that Jahaan is a liar as he left for Canada without clearing his position. In reality, Jahaan made a call to Ilahi but her grandmother disconnected the call. Ilahi’s father ties the knot with Jordan and she has to accept this. After marriage, they both made a pair for competition and won the Great Indian competition.

Is Junooniyat Going Off Air?

This top and famous drama serial Junooniyat by Ankit, Gautam, and Neha will never be going off air as a writer has promised to add a big twist to the exciting audience.

What is the Producer of Junooniyat Serial?

A beautiful and famous couple Ravi Dubay and Sargun Mehta of this romantic drama Junooniyat aired on Colors TV.

Desi Serial

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