Dharam Patni or Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni is a symbolic top Indian-Hindi drama series on Colors TV from Nov 2022. This is an elegant production of Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Films. This drama Dharam Patni Today episode is written by Anil Nagpal and Kavita Nagpal with leading cats of Kritika Singh Yadav and Fahmaan Khan. Viewers can digitally stream and enjoy all episodes of their favorite drama on JioCinema.

Dharam Patni new serial Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni is all about seven vows of love and a wife. This drama story revolves around Pratiksha and Ravi. This Indian desi serial is full of dramatic twists in the lives of the leading characters and makes an exciting engagement to all viewers.

Dharam Patni Serial Cast and Real Name

  • Kritika Singh Yadav as Pratiksha Randhawa, daughter of Bharvi and Jignesh and Ravi’s wife.
  • Fahmaan Khan as Ravi Randhawa, son of Amardeep and Mandeep Randhawa and Pratiksha’s husband.
  • Akash Jagga as Malhar, Ex-fiance of Pratiksha.
  • Gurpreet Bedi as Kreeti, Ex-fiance of Ravi. 

Dharam Patni Plot and Storyline – Written Update

Pratiksha is a school teacher in a small town and lives with her parents Jignesh and Bharvi. She is the eldest daughter of her family with two younger sisters Parul and Kinjal. Pratiksha shifts to her aunt and uncle’s house in Chandigarh with her sisters when their parents die in a car accident. Hansa is Pratiskha’s aunt who is a clever lady. She fixes her marriage with Malhar without being noticed by Pratiskha.

Meanwhile, Ravi Randhawa belongs to a good family and lives a happy life with his parents. He is engaged to Kreeti and they are going to get married soon. Kreeti is a social person, who works for various NGOs. Thakur wants to kill her because of her social status. For this, he makes plans to kill her. Pratiksha-Malhar and Ravi-Kreeti’s wedding functions are set to be arranged in the same venue, where Thakur sends his goons to kill Kreeti. Accidentally Malhar murders Kreeti, but unfortunately, Pratiksha is arrested as an accusation of Kreeti’s murder. At this time, the story has a dramatic turn when fate introduces Pratiksha to Ravi. 

Watch Dharam Patni full episode to know how fate will introduce Ravi and Pratiksha, and how she will be free from a murder accusation.


What is Dharam Patni?

This is a Hindi-language Indian drama that premiered on Colors TV under the production of Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films. This drama is about the dramatic love and life story of Ravi and Pratiksha, our leading characters who come from diverse family backgrounds.

Is Dharampatni Going Off Air?

Yes, Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni is now off air. This was one of the incredible productions by Colors TV. Drama-leading actress Kritika Singh Yadav shared her reviews about this drama, and she said it was like a roller coaster for her acting career. This drama was wrapped in 10 months. But you can easily enjoy your favorite serial with us.

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