Chookar Mere Mann ko is a conspiratory and romantic Indian-Hindi television serial on Star Plus and Hotstar from Sep 2023. This drama is produced by Sreeparna and Nibedita (SVF) under the direction of Anupam Hori. Babulal Sau is the writer and editor of this desi TV serial. This drama is available digitally on Disney+ Hoststar from Monday to Friday. It is an official remake of a Hindi-dubbed TV show by a Bengali series Anurager Chowa. Anurager Chowa is produced by Tania, Anwesha, and Shweta under the banner of Star Jalsha. Ahona Dutta, Dibyojyoti Dutta, Swastika Ghosh, Rupanjana Mitra, and Soumily Chakraborty are playing the leading roles in this top-rated Indian TV show.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Dibyojyoti Dutta as Sooraj
  • Swastika Ghosh as Deepa
  • Ahona Dutta
  • Rupanjana Mitra
  • Soumily Chakraborty
  • Srishti Majumdar
  • Misheeta Ray Choudhury

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Storyline and Plot – Written Update

This drama is based on the thrilling love story of two young couples Deepa and Sooraj. This drama highlights and confronts a stigma by society.  Sooraj is a handsome young man with a wealthy background. Deepa is an average girl with having color complex. Her skin tone is not fair as to meet the criteria of social acceptance. Besides all these, Sooraj marries Deepa. But, Deepa and Sooraj have to suffer various social stigmas of beauty and inferiority complexes. Everyone is against this marriage as they consider them as a mismatched couple. People try to make them apart besides their love story. This drama is all about the suffering of affection by breaking the criterion of society.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Upcoming Twists

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Which Serial is Chookar Mere Mann Ko Remake Off?

It is an official adaptation of a Bengali series Anuragera Chowa by Star Jalsha under the production of Shweta, Tania, and Anwesha. Basically, it is a Hindi dubbed TV show of Anuragera Chowa.

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