Chand Jalne Laga is a new and top thrill and drama Indian-Hindi TV show on Colors TV that premiered on 23 Oct 2023. Chand Jalne Laga is about the burning of the moon. Viewers can digitally stream and enjoy their favorite drama serial on JioCinema under the production of Swastik Pictures by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Gayatri Gil Trewary. Kanika Mann and Vishal Aditya Singh are the star cast of this romantic drama. This desi serial has recently crossed 70 episodes on Color TV.

Chand Jalne Laga Serial Cast with Real Name

  • Kanika Mann as Tara Sehgal Mali, daughter of Amrita and Vanraj Sehgal, Raunak’s sister, ex-fiancee of Arjun Singh Thakur, and wife of Dev Malik.
    • Urvi Upadhyay as child Tara Sehgal.
  • Vishal Aditya Singh as Dev Malik, Jyoti and Prakash’s son, Tara’s husband and childhood friend.
    • Krish Chugh as Child Dev Malik.
  • Nasirr Khan as Vanraj Sehgal, Tara, and Raunak’s father, widower of Amrita Sehgal, and brother of Sartaj.
  • Praneet Bhat as Sartaj Sehgal, Vanraj Sehgal’s younger brother, father of Ananya, and Soni’s husband.
  • Sorab Bedi as Raunak Sehgal, Tara’s elder brother.
  • Shefali Mahida as Ananya Sehgal, Tara’s cousin.
  • Somesh Agarwal as Vasant, Sehgal Haveli’s caretaker.
  • Sheezan Khan as Dr. Arjun Singh, Amrit’s son and ex-fiance of Tara.
  • Neetu Pandey as Jyoti, mother of Dev Malik.
  • Gurpreet Singh as Prakash, husband of Jyoti, and stepfather of Deva Malik.
  • Srishti Jain as Priti, a widowed friend of Tara.

Chand Jalne Laga Story and Plot – Written Update

The story starts with the childhood time of Tara and Deva. Tara is the daughter of rich Vanraj Sehgal, while Deva is the caretaker of the horses of Sehgal Mansion. Both children are good friends with each other. Deva tries to teach Tara how to overcome her fear. This brings them closer. Deva loves a horse Badshah and he considers it as his family along with Tara. One day, everyone blames Deva when Sehgal Mansion burns out of a fire breakage.

Tara knows the truth but she lies and ultimately Deva has to go to a Juvenile home. Later on some times, she hears the news of Deva’s death after a building collapse, and she believes his death. After 15 years, Deva comes back with a new identity as Mr. Dev Malik, a businessman with the aim to take revenge on Tara. Meanwhile, Tara is a competitive interior designer but still holds the memory of dead Deva. Initially, Deva reclaims Badshah from Tara and then manages to buy Sehgal Mansion by trapping Raunak Sehgal.

Vanraj is ill and Tara has to manage money for his treatment. Deva appoints Tara as interior designer for Sehgal Mansion, but she is not aware of her old house. Deva asks Tara to work under his instructions which creates soft feelings in Deva for Tara. Meanwhile, Arjun’s fiancé Tara comes, which makes Deva angry and again he starts to hate Tara. Soon Tara knows the truth about Deva after seeing their childhood anklet in Mr. Dev Malik’s car.

Chand Jalne Laga Upcoming Twists

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Vanraj fixes Tara’s marriage with Arjun, but Deva kidnaps Raunak to stop this marriage and asks Tara to marry him. She agrees. During their wedding rituals, Arjun and Raunak come and try to stop this wedding, but Tara completes all the rituals and marries Deva. Dev wants to take revenge but Tara is trying to bring old Deva back. Sehgal family breaks all relations with Tara, and Tara moves to Deva’s house.

She gets a clue of Deva’s birth and tries to approach Jyoti who gave birth to Deva. She manages to meet Deva with Jyoti in a temple. But some people recognize her and throw stones at Jyoti as she gave birth to an illegitimate child. But Deva saves his mother.

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